Contour Steel clients receive our commitment to provide the highest level of product and service satisfaction. We maintain our leadership position by providing safe work environments and maximum benefits to our employees, who are our most valuable assets. Contour Steel only employs American Welding Society Certified Welders, who are qualified and proficient in all structural welding specialties. In addition, Contour Steel employs individuals who are highly trained and specialize in all facets of the steel industry, from buildings to bridges to wind turbine farms.

A record of customer satisfaction

Every project Contour Steel has been awarded has been completed on schedule and with the overwhelming confirmation of client satisfaction. This spirit of mutual cooperation is the driving force behind our organization, giving our company a reputation of completing projects free of confrontation and dispute.

Contour Steel’s building services cover a broad spectrum, including:

  • Multi-story structural steel erection

  • Truss, girder, and joist erection

  • Steel, floor, and roof decking

  • Structural and architectural pre-cast building component erection

Examples of our projects include:

  • Sport complexes

  • Multi-story high-rises

  • Large warehouses (millions of square feet)

  • Architectural cable and glass structures

  • Amusement rides

  • Wind turbines

Bridge Division

We provide a wide range of services including new bridge erection, structural and bearing rehabilitation, structural demolition, and hoisting. We also maintain a large inventory of structural false-work to accommodate structural lifting operations.

Industrial Division

Throughout the years, Contour Steel’s Industrial Division has worked with local businesses in the areas of expansion, renovation, equipment installation and maintenance needs. Contour Steel provides a wide variety of services that can prove beneficial for any established business.